The Northern Craft Fair

Last weekend I did my first ever Witchcrafty craft fair. It was the Northern Craft Fair at Northern Monk in Leeds. I don’t think they have another fair coming up before Christmas but keep your eye out for more of their fairs next year. I had heard a lot of good things about this fair so was very excited to be selected to sell at the event. There were so many wonderful stall holders there and getting to meet and chat with them all was probably the highlight of the day. The fair was so well organised and advertised – everything was set up and ready for me on the day and I even got a free packet of crisps (!) what more can a person ask for?!

As it was my first craft fair it took me a long time to work out how I wanted the layout of my stall to look. I found it difficult to think of an effective way of presenting my larger wall hangings as I had limited space. I opted for a peg board from Ikea to hang the smaller wall hangings on and then just laid out the larger ones on the table. I was happy with my stall but I think over time I’m going to try and think up some new ways to layout my work.

Here are some photos of my stall. Let me know if you can think of any ways I could display my work a bit better!

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